Jessica Day George


Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated January 2014

How many Dragon Slippers books will there be?

I don’t know. Right now there are three: Dragon Slippers, Dragon Flight, and Dragon Spear. I have ideas for more, but right now I am working on other projects. I will eventually go back to Feravel, don’t worry!

I have a great idea for your next dragon book! Can I send it to you?

No, but thank you! I have plenty of ideas of my own, and I would hate to take someone else’s!

What is DragonSKIN Slippers?

Dragonskin Slippers was the original title for Dragon Slippers. My editor here in the USA thought it gave away the big secret too easily, so we shortened it to Dragon Slippers. In the UK, however, they really liked the title and decided to keep it. They are the same book, except for the title and cover art.

Will you write a sequel to Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow?

Nope. They lived happily ever after!

How many Princess books will there be?

I don’t know. Right now there are three: Princess of the Midnight Ball, Princess of Glass, and Princess of the Silver Woods. I don’t have any plans to write twelve books, but I do have ideas for another book or two, though I don’t know when they will be finished/published.

What is your next book going to be, and when will it be out?

My next book is the third book in the Castle Glower series, Thursdays with the Crown. It will be out in September 2014.

How many Castle Glower books will there be?

I don’t know. I just write them when I have good ideas!

Why does Wednesdays in the Tower end like that?

Because that’s how I wanted it to end! Don’t worry: Thursdays with the Crown starts right up where we left Celie and the others!

Are you going on a book tour soon? Will you come to my town when you do?

I will be touring with the release of Thursdays in the fall of 2014. I don’t know if I’m coming to your town, my publisher decides that based on how many schools and bookstores are interested in having me talk and sign.

Will you come to my school even if it’s not part of a tour?

Maybe. When I’m not on official tour I don’t do a lot of school visits these days. My kids need me! But if your school is interested, have an adult who is in charge of author visits (often a librarian or reading specialist) email me!

I’ve written a book/story/play, will you critique it for me?

Good for you! The world needs more writers! Unfortunately, I don’t have time to read other people’s manuscripts, and I’m a terrible critic anyway. You don’t want my advice. Seriously.

How DO you get something published?

First you have to be rejected about a million times. Or at least, that’s what it feels like! No, what you need to do is write the best story or book that you can (I don’t know anything about plays or poetry, so I can’t say what to do with them). Then the REAL work starts. There are books you can buy, or check out from the library, that are guides to editors, agents, and publishers. They are usually called something like: The Guide to Editors, Agents, and Publishers, so they aren’t hard to find. They have the names and addresses of editors and literary agents, and information on what types of things they publish, and how to send your stuff to them. You can also look around for local writers’ conferences, which are frequently organized by universities. They give you an opportunity to talk with other aspiring writers, but also to meet with editors and agents in person. I highly recommend the writers’ conferences, which is how I finally got my big break. (For my whole publishing saga, see my newly updated bio!)

Do you draw the cover art on your books?

Nope. I have no artistic skills whatsoever. I cannot even draw a stick man that looks like a stick man. I took two semesters of pottery in college, and all my pots were lopsided and kinda scary looking. Fortunately, my publisher only wants me to write the books, not decorate them, so they hire artists to do the covers for me. But this doesn’t mean that I get to look over the artist’s shoulder and say, "Make that dragon’s head bigger! Now have Creel’s hair blow to the left!" I do get to make some suggestions, and I can scream really loud if I don’t like it, but there’s a lot of other people involved in "packaging" a book, and they get a say in matters, too.

What’s your address?

That’s another secret! But if you want to send me something, feel free to send it through my publisher. Please understand, though, that it takes me a looong time to reply to my emails and I almost never reply to paper letters. I know that sounds mean, but usually I don’t get the letters for months, and if I replied to them all, I would not have any time to write books. I basically had to decide that I would rather write books than answer letters, and I’m sorry. If you still want to mail me something, send it to:

Jessica Day George
c/o Bloomsbury Children’s
1385 Broadway, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10018

What are your kids named?

I won’t tell! This way I can tell embarrassing stories about them, and they won’t get teased!

Why are there swears in Princess of the Silver Woods? It’s for children!

There are swears in Silver Woods because I felt like, after all the sisters had been through, stomping their feet and saying, “Oh, poopy!” just wasn’t going to cover it. And technically, the book is for teens, not children.

Can you help me with my book report?

Nope. I believe in you. You can do it!

I need to ask you a ton of questions for my assignment! Help!

Nope. Please check my bio and this handy Frequently Asked Question page. It should answer any questions you really need to know. I say this because when I do have time to answer my emails, I often find emails that are MONTHS old that say, “Help! My assignment is due tomorrow and I need to know x, y, z, about you today!” I once had an email from someone in middle school that had been sent two months before, and she needed to know how many books I’d written and where I was from for her project, which was due in an hour. I shook my head sadly over that one for a while . . .

Why don’t you make movies of your books?

Well, because I’m not a movie producer! Movies based on books are never made by the author, they are made by fancy Hollywood types. The fancy Hollywood types pay the author for the right to make a movie of their book, but after that, the author almost never has anything to do with the movie. The movie people write the script, hire the actors, and do all that stuff.

I want a signed copy of one of your books, but you are never in my town!

Sorry! If you want a signed and personalized (that means, with your very own name in it!) copy of any of my books you can contact The King’s English Bookshop in Salt Lake City. The phone number is 1-801-484-9100, and their website is They will sell you any books that you want, and will have me come and personalize them before they ship them to you!